Review Policy

Thanks for stopping by!

If you’re looking to get a book reviewed, please read the following before sending me a request.

And before you read any further, please be aware that in 99% of the cases I will require a physical copy of the book. I rarely pick up my ereader, and if I HAVE to, it tends to have an impact on how much I enjoy the book. Sorry!

Note For Self Published/Indie Presses

Guess what! I do accept self published or small press publications. I’m all about helping the little guys out, being a little guy (gal) myself. If your book seems to fit what I read, send me a short summary of your book. It never hurts!

Genres I Read

Honestly, pretty much anything. I do tend to enjoy the following more, though.

  • Adult fantasy/Sc-Fi
  • Historical fiction
  • Mystery/thriller
  • Erotic (no typical romance tropes, please!)
  • YA (although this might be fading)

Please Include

  • Release date
  • Summary
  • What time line you’d like the review written in

Where I Post Reviews

  • Goodreads
  • Chapters (gotta help my fellow Canadians out)
  • Amazon
  • Here (obviously)

Heads Up

First and foremost, I can not guarantee a positive review. If you require this, I am not the right person to review your book. Forcing myself to read a book will not be great for me and it will probably creep through into my review.

Secondly, unless specifically discussed with you, I can not guarantee when a review will be posted. I will try my best to release a review in a timely manner, but life does happen. If it is an ARC, I will discuss with you a timeline for a review.

Thirdly, if you’re okay with all of the above, send me a message using the form below or by sending me an email at hello @

Happy reading (and writing)!