This Is Not a Test

This is, in fact, a slump.

A reading slump. A writing slump. A motivation slump.

The warm weather has hit and I find myself less and less inclined to be in the house. Which is understandable. But it also means I spend far less time at my computer, or with my nose stuck in a book. And that kind of sucks when you actually want to blog. Or actually want to read. But the warm weather, it calls.

I have a feeling, that in about two months or so, I’ll have plenty of time to write. And plenty of time to read. So, you can probably expect the posts to pick up after that. Hopefully. We’ll see. I stopped making promises long ago.

But for now, enjoy this tiny poem.


In the end,

There is me

And only me.

The rest

You can not prove

Is real.

The others

You can not prove


How can I believe you

When not even you are real.

When not even I exist.


And so we begin again

Well, it seems that I’ve made a bit of an error. I second guessed keeping my blog going, so I let my hosting lapse. I was okay with not continuing.

Until I wasn’t. And when I wasn’t, I went to put everything back onto the interwebz only to find out that I had not backupped (backuped?) my site quite as well as I thought I had. So two years worth of reviews have gone, oops, down the drain.

But, weirdly, I’m actually okay with this. The entire reason I stopped blogging here was because I got stuck in the what of the blog, instead of just posting whatever I felt like. Having to start from scratch means I get to reinvent my brand, essentially.

Welcome to my new space. I will still be doing book reviews, but they’ll be far less frequent. Or will they? Who knows. I’ll do book reviews when I feel like doing book reviews. My focus for now will be on writing, but my whims change with the seasons. We’ll see where it all goes!

I just hope you enjoy the changes.

Because I enjoy having you here <3