And so we begin again

Well, it seems that I’ve made a bit of an error. I second guessed keeping my blog going, so I let my hosting lapse. I was okay with not continuing.

Until I wasn’t. And when I wasn’t, I went to put everything back onto the interwebz only to find out that I had not backupped (backuped?) my site quite as well as I thought I had. So two years worth of reviews have gone, oops, down the drain.

But, weirdly, I’m actually okay with this. The entire reason I stopped blogging here was because I got stuck in theย what of the blog, instead of just posting whatever I felt like. Having to start from scratch means I get to reinvent my brand, essentially.

Welcome to my new space. I will still be doing book reviews, but they’ll be far less frequent. Or will they? Who knows. I’ll do book reviews when I feel like doing book reviews. My focus for now will be on writing, but my whims change with the seasons. We’ll see where it all goes!

I just hope you enjoy the changes.

Because I enjoy having you here <3


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